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Hello & Thank-you for stopping by.
Not only do people move but sometimes websites move too!  
Please visit my new dynamic site at 
As with moving to a new home sometimes it takes a few days to get all your stuff moved over!  I should be fully moved in to my new address by September 2014 and will be taking my old domain with me at that time. 
Look for my new property specific websites for each of my listings and more every changing information about our local communities.
Ready to sell?  Yes properties are selling at all price points, I would enjoy meeting with you to help you evaluate your property.  Currently we are seeing very little inventory below $200,000 & a lot more movement than last year in the over $500,000.  You may call me direct at 530-798-0215. 

Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help you.

Recommended Improvements-Exterior
Check that door numbers, mailbox, and exterior lighting are all in good repair touch up with fresh paint as needed, inspect chimney for cracks or earthquake damage. Repair loose trim, drainpipes and fencing and clean your window screens.

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Common Points of Negotiation
The buyer and seller may negotiate many of the associated costs of the transaction. Some common items are: price, financing, closing costs, repairs that need to be made, appliances and fixtures, landscaping, painting and occupancy time frame.

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"Pleasantly Persistent"
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